Racial Justice Group

The Racial Justice Group at House of Hope meets monthly to examine white privilege and to learn how to recognize racism and become better allies to communities of color. The group is made up of congregation members that have European ancestry. The group's model puts the onus of learning and teaching about race and white privilege on the white community and not on the communities of color, who fully understand how their race affects their lives. 

This group grew out of an idea to reach out to other cultural communities with humility. Instead of trying to attract other cultural groups to join us or to offer our help and benevolence, the Racial Justice Group strives to develop peer relationships to learn other cultures' stories. The group also examines how those of European background consciously or unconsciously separate themselves from fellowship with these communities.

 Besides the group's regular meetings, the Racial Justice Group is planning a series of dialogues with several communities of color. The structure of these dialogues is to facilitate sharing stories and discover our common humanity. The group currently has had fellowship with Zion Baptist Church in North Minneapolis and hopes to establish dialogues with the Latinx/Hispanic and Asian communities. 

All are welcome to join the group.  If you have questions, please contact Ben Allen or the church office.


Monthly Conversation - Learning Meeting - The first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome!

Civil Rights Tour - July 31- August 7, 2023