Now that we are worshiping together again, we are looking for volunteers to help each Sunday to read, prepare and clean up for our Fellowship Hour, Livestream the service, run the PowerPoint, greet and usher.  Prior to the pandemic, the Service Teams made sure that these tasks were performed.  Recently, we have asked for volunteers for each Sunday from the entire congregation. 

Now we are ready to try something new!  We are going to have a “guild” for each task.  We ask that each House of Hope member consider being on one or preferably, several, guilds.  Once you have joined a guild, you will be given a schedule showing the dates each guild member is assigned to serve, as well as contact information for each member of that guild.  If, for whatever reason, you are unable to do the task on your assigned date, it will be your responsibility to call another member of the guild and trade dates.

There will be six guilds to start:

Coffee Guild – Make coffee and set out cookies or other treat for the Fellowship Hour/Adult Forum and clean up Fellowship Hall afterwards.  Works best with a 2-person team.

Greeter Guild – Arrive about 15 minutes before the service and greet people as they come into church.  Introduce yourself to visitors and answer any questions they may have.  If it is possible, introduce them to Pastor Gretchen.

Livestream Guild – Livestream the worship service on Facebook. 

PowerPoint Guild – Advance the slides on the screen using a laptop that is set up at the back of the sanctuary. The slides will have already been loaded onto the laptop.

Reader Guild – Read the First Reading, the Second Reading, and the Psalm during worship, as indicated in the bulletin.   The Readings and Psalms are provided beforehand so you can practice. Usher Guild – Arrive about 15 minutes before the service.  Place flowers on the pedestal.  Light candles during the first hymn.  Count the adults and children in worship.  Extinguish the candles during the sending hymn.  Collect the leftover bulletins, paper, and trash from around the sanctuary after worship.

We will begin May 1st with a few people on each guild.  We will be seeking volunteers to make the guilds larger during the next few months.  Please prayerfully consider joining one or more guilds. We will provide training for anyone who wants to join a guild but is unsure of how to perform the task. 

Call or text Chris Bearl  if you would like to join a guild or have questions.